When you trust your home’s water with Guthrie and Frey, our team will get to know more about your home.  This includes water issues you have noticed, if you have a private well, and others. This helps our team determine the right solution for your home. From there we will schedule a time for your new system to be installed.

Guthrie and Frey is proud to offer superior water softener installation services to Southeastern Wisconsin. Our team of expert technicians are industry trained and treat your home with the utmost respect. We ensure your new water softener is properly installed, configured, and programmed. After your new softener is installed, we will educate you on how to use your new equipment.

Homeowners Often Ask:

How much does water softener installation cost?

The installation of a softener is free at a bypass or a loop.  If this plumbing doesn’t exist, Guthrie & Frey can help!

What should I have prepared before my new water softener is installed?

We need to have access to a drain and an electrical outlet in order to install a water softener.  Both of these are very standard in most basements.


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