WaterMate 3.2 Water Softening System

Enjoy Softened Water Throughout Your Home

Brookfield Drinking Water Filters Brookfield Drinking Water Filters Brookfield Drinking Water Filters

In the bathroom ………………. In the laundry …………………..In the kitchen …………………..

Economical Water Softening System SAVES You Money!

  • Eliminate Soap Scum
  • Save on Cleaning Products
  • Clothes Wash Up Cleaner
  • Soft, Lustrous Hair
  • Water Using Appliances Last Longer
  • Increases Water Heater Efficiency
  • Solid State Controller
  • Soft Water 24-Hours Per Day
  • Non-Corrosive Noryl™ Valve Body
  • 24-Volt Operation
  • Meter Demand

Series Water Softening System

  • Solid State Controller
  • Meter Demand
  • Soft Water 24-Hours Per Day
  • Non-Corrosive Noryl™ Valve Body
  • 24-Volt Operation
  • Utilizes 100% of available capacity, no wasted reserve.
  • No time clock to set.
  • Easy adjustable regeneration settings.
  • Time controlled brine refill for efficient salt usage.
  • Soft water regeneration increases efficiencies and keeps your salt tank cleaner.
  • Uses less than $2.00 of electricity per year.

Brookfield Drinking Water Filters

How Does A Water Softener Work?

  1. Hard water enters your water softener (1) and passes down through the ion exchange resin, which are charged with sodium ions. The hard water ions (calcium and magnesium) are attracted to the ion exchange resin and an equal amount of sodium ions are bumped off into the water supply. When the water reaches the bottom of the tank, it is softened and ready to be used in your home and business.
  2. When the ion exchange resin for the tank in service is saturated with calcium and magnesium (hard water ions) it must be recharged. The controller automatically places the “stand-by unit” tank into service and switches the tank that is in need of recharging into regeneration. (2) A strong brine solution enters the tank and flushes the calcium and magnesium ions off the ion exchange resin and attaches itself.
  3. A final rinse process ensures that any unused brine is rinsed from the system. This tank is now fully recharged and placed on stand-by, ready to provide you with soft water when the other tank becomes exhausted.

Brookfield Drinking Water Filters


  1. These conditioners are designed for hardness removal and limited amounts of “ferrous bicarbonate” iron.
  2. See owners manual for specific operating details.
  3. These conditioners will not purify or make your water safe to drink.
  4. Product improvements and design changes subject to change without notice.

WaterMate 3.2 Brochure
WaterMate 3.2 Manual

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