I get panic phone calls from people who are about to move from the big city out to the suburbs frequently. They are moving from city water to a private well. Usually it’s us girls calling, completely freaking out. I actually love to take these phone calls! I will be more than happy to talk you off the ledge.

I use to be a city slicker myself- I had city water that was rock hard & highly chlorinated, but it wasn’t scary private well water. I use to be such a city girl that when I started dating my husband I didn’t have a clue what this thing called a “private well” was. I couldn’t wrap my mind around what it was my then boyfriend was doing during his summer breaks from college for his summer job. He was what my now in-laws call a “pump man.” ?? So I decided to go a long with him one day when he was servicing an “Out of Water” service call over the weekend that was suppose to be devoted to me. Out I went in the “crane” truck, off to this service call. I won’t bore you with the details of an “out of water” service call, but basically, that person was out of water. It’s completely appropriate to wig out when this happens to you. Who can blame anyone for freaking out when they are out of water!??

What if I told you that is probably the worst thing that will happen to you when you are on private well water? I LOVE being on private well water. I love the fact that my water supply is coming directly from the well that was drilled on my property. It doesn’t have a boat load of chlorine running through it. Yes, it has iron in it and the water is hard- but both of those issues are resolved with out adding any chemicals to my water. I typically only recommend one other type of testing other then a safety test in this area if you are moving into a home that was built on land that once was a farm. This test would be a Nitrates test. Nitrates are found in this part of Wisconsin , but are only harmful to pregnant women or infants. If you do have an elevated level of Nitrates, install a Reverse Osmosis System which is rated to remove Nitrates.

So don’t be afraid to move out of the big city into the “country.” It’s really quite nice out here. 🙂 You’ll LOVE having water supplied to your home that isn’t running through miles of pipes, being treated at various points for potential contaminants just to get into your home.

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