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Remove Contaminants with a Guthrie & Frey Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

If you’re a fan of bottled water, a reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system from Guthrie & Frey provides a more cost-effective, convenient way to acquire pure, chemical-free water. Wisconsin homeowners often choose the rent-to-own option for their new drinking water system – all you pay is a low monthly rental fee with no interest for the first year. Plus, the drinking water system installation is free when you choose this program. Stop buying expensive bottled water and have it conveniently through your kitchen faucet!

Could Your Home Benefit from a Water Filtration System?

Everywhere in Southeastern Wisconsin requires a unique water treatment system. A Guthrie & Frey specialist would be happy to come in and make the proper recommendation on what specific equipment is right for your Wisconsin home.

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Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

  • Cost-effective
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Chemical-free

The right product for your Individual needs

Check out the unique benefits of the ION Cooler and Reverse Osmosis Filtration

For Your Health

Reverse Osmosis System

If you replace the water your body needs by drinking tap water, your body is forced to act as a filter—straining out contaminants which can lead to health problems, including cancer, kidney damage, miscarriage, and gastrointestinal upsets. By contrast, a reverse osmosis water filter can distill your tap water to 99.9% pure!


Ion Cooler Water Dispenser

The ION Cooler is a water dispenser that replaces all the bottled water you could ever drink.

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Why filter your water with reverse osmosis?

  1. The reverse osmosis drinking water system can filter your tap water to into a highly filtered water, removing harmful contaminants that can lead to health problems, bad taste and appearance.
  2. Engineered with a simple design, making it easy to clean and service.
  3. Save money by no longer needing to purchase bottled water.
  4. Help save the environment by getting rid of plastic bottles!

What does a RO System remove from tap water?


Nitrates, Lead, Arsenic, Crypto/Giardia Parasites, Fluoride, Radium, pesticides, sulfates, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, and more. Lean what’s in your water; each city we service has its own water contaminants.

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