The switch over to Lake Michigan water has created a lot of confusion along with misinformation to the general public. Many of our clients that live in this area have reached out to us with questions and guidance as to how best navigate this change. The city might suggest that clients may not need to use water softeners after this switch over. We could not disagree more on this.

Residence that have water softeners currently have a hardness level of 0-1 grains of hardness in their water. That is truly soft water. These clients notice when their water softener isn’t working around 3-5 grains of hardness. White spotting will start to occur on glasses and dishes, plumbing fixtures, and a lot of bad hair days will start to occur! My husband even notices when shaving with Lake Michigan water that it isn’t as smooth of a shave. He even complains about his hair not being as manageable.

We are encouraging all of our clients to reach out to us after 2-3 weeks after they have made the transition to the new water supply. The water supply should be at a consistent level after this period. Guthrie & Frey will re-test the water and document the new water quality and then optimize their softener to this new water quality. We are speculating that this new water quality will be between 8-10 grains of hardness. By optimizing your softener to this new level the consumer will use less (half) salt and less water to regenerate.

If you are renting your water softener through Guthrie & Frey Water Conditioning there will be no charge for the optimization. If you own your softener we are offering a discounted service. Call us at 262.404.4767.

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