What is the #1 question I’m asked day after day?…. “Is my water safe to drink?” The majority of water supplies here in the U.S. are perfectly safe to drink so I’ve decided to have my very first blog topic be on something that is near and dear to my heart; my skin. Being a 40 “something” year old woman, and being slightly vain, I refuse to age gracefully. Why am I bringing this up? About once a week I take a phone call from someone who isn’t used to soft water stating that they don’t care for the “slimy” feeling the water is leaving on their skin. Many people don’t realize that the “slimy” feeling is actually the result of the natural oils in your skin after the soap is rinsed off your body. I kid you not. Being a certified water snob, it makes my skin crackle and itchy (not to mention what happens to my hair!) when I travel and shower with hard water. My skin feels squeaky, filmy and dry. What is often described as a “squeaky clean” feeling is actually the EXACT opposite of what you think! When your skin feels “squeaky clean,” that means you still have detergent left on your body that is blocking your natural oils from taking care of your skin. EWWWW! Who wants soap left on your body after you shower? I invest WAY too much money into all of my age defying eye creams, crease release formulas, and peptide serums to have left over soap block their penetration! I don’t know about you, but this gal here needs all the help I can get to preserve my skin; and having soft water is the only acceptable option for my water quality. Can you say “Zero Grains of Hardness???” That is the goal of your water quality when filtered by a water softener. Be good to your skin by using soft water!

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