Here’s a list of 5 things to check prior to calling for service for your water softener:

  1. Verify the water softener is plugged into a working electrical outlet and make sure the outlet is not on a switch. This may sound elementary but you would be surprised at what our Service Technicians’ sometimes discover when out in the field.
  2. Is the clock set to the correct time? If the time of day is incorrect, it may cause the unit to regenerate at an inappropriate time.
  3. Check the bypass valve to make sure that it is in the open position. You want to verify that the water is able to enter to and from the water softener. If you have had other plumbing related work done in your home, the water may have been temporarily turned off and the water softener may not have been put back in service.
  4. Take a peek in your brine tank and make sure you have salt. Believe it or not, our Technicians have gone out to service, only to discover the brine tank is empty!
  5. Check for a salt bridge. To do this, simply give the lower portion of the brine tank a knock. Does it sound hollow? If so, the salt may have hardened in the tank and formed a “bridge”. If this happens, you may gently knock it loose and the salt will drop to the bottom of the tank.

There you have it. Although we are here for you whenever you may need us; by checking these five things prior to calling for service, you may save yourself precious time and money!

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