I stayed at my girlfriends fabulous town house in Chicago over the weekend. She always has the perfect wine for me, the perfect accommodations including a spectacular view of the city, and the perfect agenda all planned for me. As the time approached for me to get ready for dinner reservations, I hopped into her guest shower all set up with lovely hair care products, towels & fancy soaps. Ahhhhh… I relaxed as I got the water to the perfect temperature and started to wash my hair. Oh dear… I knew exactly what was happening as I rinsed my hair and I suddenly had hair that was resembling a wet S.O.S. pad on my head. She had HARD WATER. Even the most luxurious, expensive hair care products weren’t going to be able rescue the disaster that my hair had turned into. It took me about 30 minutes & a half a bottle of Moroccan Oil to get a brush through my long, straw like hair. I was doomed to have a bad hair evening. I wasn’t that concerned because I knew the wine she had downstairs for me that would make it all go away! However, I am posting this because I want all the women out there who care about their hair to treat it right!! Softened water will make all the difference in the world for your hair. You will also save some serious cash on the over priced hair care products that we all fall victim to because you won’t have to use as much shampoo or conditioner when bathing. Why? Because softened water interacts so much better with shampoo when the hardness (calcium and magnesium) is removed which is exactly what your softener is designed to do. The perfect color and cut is up to your stylist, but I promise you will love how your hair feels and looks when you have a water softener!

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