Anyone who lives in Wisconsin can probably admit to using their water softener salt as “multi-purpose” salt. In other words, it works quite nicely on icy sidewalks & driveways. I’m not the most skilled driver in the first place, but when you add snow or ice into the equation I turn into a little version of what my family knows as “she-freak-qwa.”

The other morning I was on my way back from the gym, still pitch dark outside, pulled into my driveway and started to slide down the drive way sideways. My 4 wheels & steering wheel locked up in my fancy car & I completely lost control for one brief second. After “she-freak-qwa” had a mild heart attack, my car finally came to a stop. I put my truck into park and marched down the rest of the drive leaving my car at the top of the driveway. Luckily my husband hadn’t filled our brine tank the with the salt he had brought home the other day. Instinct kicked in….I tore open the 80# bag of solar salt, filled a bucket with the salt & marched up to the top of the drive way where my truck was sitting. I was going to salt the *+!# out of my drive way so I could pull my car into the garage and avoid being mocked by the rest of my family about my driving skills. Solar Salt to the rescue!! The minute I poured the first cup load onto the drive way, the ice started crackling and I knew I would be in the garage plenty early before the rest of my family got up.

Solar salt provides that fabulous ancient old “technology” of ionic exchange. The water treatment industry is constantly looking for ways to treat hard water in more efficient ways with reducing salt consumption & water usage which is becoming a very hot topic for many city municipalities because of the sodium discharge that its facilities are getting stuck with from inefficient water softeners. Our manufacturer, Hellenbrand, has been very aware of this growing problem and has made many great improvements to their technology over the years. But holy cow, they are about to release a technology that is going to blow the doors off of their previous achievements in salt reduction and water usage. We’re not talking 10%, 15%…not even 20% reduction. They have a softener that they are about to release that will save approximately 40% more salt and water usage than a traditional metered water softener. That is HUGE! I know I probably get way more excited about this type of technology than the standard gal, but this is truly remarkable in my world. So when it comes time to replace your water softener, be sure to check this level of technology out. It will allow you to have plenty of solar salt to get you through the rest of the winter!

Yours in water,
H2O Gal

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