I receive at least 3-5 phone calls a week asking about the”saltless water softeners.” I can’t think of a better way to sum up that question by repeating the idiom “it is too good to be true.” How great would it be to not have to lug salt bags into the basement? I agree! If there were truly a “saltless” water softener that actually consistently removed calcium & magnesium in the water I would order a truck load of them and start planning my retirement! I would gladly close down the salt delivery part of our business based out of our Delafield, WI location and give Tony our wonderful salt delivery guy a new title and job description.

Here’s the truth about the “saltless” water softeners: The technical name is Physical Water Conditioners. The reason for that specific name is because these systems modify or change the waters physical quality, characteristics, or behavior of the water but they do not remove calcium and magnesium. The performance in these systems is not consistent in effectively softening the water. The WQA has released this statement: “Not efficient scientific knowledge to determine the efficacy of the physical water treatment technologies in practical water applications.”

Water softeners ionic exchange technology is robust and works everywhere regardless of the application. An investment in a good, high quality water softener such as a Guthrie & Frey Water system will be an investment that will protect all of your water using appliances, your plumbing fixtures, and most importantly your hair and skin.

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