Today I got a phone call from someone stating something that I’ve heard before. Every time I hear this same comment, I can’t believe that I’m hearing it. Seriously?? Here it is: “I am use to the best quality water around; Milwaukee city water.” Seriously?? Hasn’t this person ever watched the news around here? Has this person not seen the pictures of the 2 billion gallons of untreated sewage water that was dumped into Lake Michigan last year? Remember, they even have to close the beaches down because the water isn’t safe to swim in…..and yet this is the best water around?? As we all know, history has a way of repeating itself.

Personally, Milwaukee city water is the last source of water that I would want. It is highly chlorinated, highly treated, and incredibly expensive. If Milwaukee water is your water source, get a Reverse Osmosis System for drinking water. I don’t believe in scare tactics and I know that Milwaukee water is highly regulated. However, when our technicians change Reverse Osmosis filters that are supported by Milwaukee city water, they say the filters have this weird yellowish, slimy goo that is unique to Milwaukee customers. Still think it’s the best water supply around? I’ll take my high iron, high TDS, hard well water any day. After the appropriate filtration, my water supply is far superior!

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