I use to live in Waukesha county prior to moving out to the beautiful Lake Country area.  One day I opened up my water bill and noticed in fine print: The level of radium in your water supply is elevated.  Yikes! Radium?  That is some scary stuff, isn’t it??  Unfortunately nobody is really sure how scary that elevated level is, but anything with uncontrolled radioactivity can’t be good.

Radium (often times confused with Radon which is a gas found in basements of homes) is typically found in city water supplies that have a very deep well.  The deeper the well, the higher the radium level.  If you have a private well, it is rare in this area to have radium in your well.  Many proposals are being formulated to reduce this level in the Waukesha county area, many of which are very costly.  What a lot of people do not know is that water softeners are an approved treatment for radium reduction.  A water softener will remove 90% of the radium in the water supply.  Another approved treatment for radium reduction is Reverse Osmosis Drinking water systems.    So if you have a water softener, your safe!  If you have a Reverse Osmosis Drinking water system, you’re safe!

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