Water in Hartland

As a Hartland resident, your water is obtained from 5 groundwater wells. Each of these wells is finished in a shallow aquifer. Although these aquifers are extremely efficient and can yield municipal wells ranging from 100 – 2,000 gallons per minute, they are also very susceptible to contaminants due to its shallow depth. These contaminants can make there way into your home, causing issues. A water softener helps eliminate these concerns.

Hartland Hard Water

All sources of drinking water have the risk of contamination by natural and manmade compounds. These contaminants vary from organic or inorganic chemicals, radioactive materials, or microbs. Although this water is safe to drink, the water that flows into your home is hard water.

The water supplied to the village of Hartland is considered very hard, with 23 grains of hardness. A Hartland water softener brings your home soft water.

The Effects of Hard Water

  • Makes your clothes dingy
  • Stains your sinks
  • Puts spots on your glasses
  • Clogs your pipes

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What’s in the water in Hartland?

ContaminantAbout the ContaminantSigns of the Contaminant
Hard WaterAlthough not harmful to your health in small amounts, it can have severely negative effects on appliances causing them to have a short lifespan.White chalky buildup on fixtures and appliances. Water leaves spots on glasses and dishes.
NitratesNitrates are formed naturally in surface and groundwater. Nitrogen is essential for all living things, but when consuming higher levels through drinking water, it can be hazardous especially to infants, and pregnant women. Nitrates spread entering private wells can come from a few different sources, such as, manure spreading, agricultural fertilizers, legume cropping systems, and septic systems.The only way to tell if you have nitrates in your water is to have it professionally tested.
LeadLead is found in water due to the corrosion of household plumbing systems or erosion of natural deposits.You cannot see or taste lead in water. A professional water test is required.

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From the Senior Technician in Hartland:


Is water in Hartland, WI a health hazard?


No, the water supplied to your home is not a hazard to your health. The water meets all EPA requirements. Hard water can cause several issues in your home, but is not a concern for your health.


What does a water softener for Hartland help with?


Water softeners for the Hartland area remove minerals and contaminants that cause the white chalky buildup on fixtures and plumbing. You’ll also reap the benefits of less soap usage, softer hair and skin, longer lasting appliances, and much more!


How long will a water softener last in Hartland, WI?


GF Water Softeners have a lifespan on average of 18-20+ years when properly maintained.

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Recommended Water Softeners for Hartland


GF Series Water Softener System

Hard water can be much more problematic than you think. It can cause buildup of mineral scale inside your appliances and plumbing.

Ideal For:

  • Preventing scale buildup in home kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Improving the taste and texture of the water in your home.
  • Saving money on plumbing and appliance maintenance.
  • Ensuring cleaner clothes and dishes via cleaner water.

GF Twin Alternating Series: High-Efficient Water Softener

The Guthrie & Frey Twin Alternating Water Softener provides a continuous supply of softened water with no downtime for regeneration.

Ideal For:

  • Robust and efficient solutions
  • Reducing mineral scale and soap usage.
  • Energy efficient consumption of water-using equipment.
  • Reducing buildup in appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

What people are saying about Guthrie & Frey in Hartland

“Very, Very happy from start to finish with Guthrie and Frey! Professional, friendly and knowledgeable! Would highly recommend. Installed a new water Softener for us.”

Gayle B.

“Two gentlemen came to service and update my Iron Curtain system. They were on time, knowledgeable and focused. Changed a number of parts and explained what they were doing and why they were doing it. Very pleased.”

Patrick R.

Purchased a new water softener and had it installed. Everyone at G&F I dealt with was knowledgeable, professional and exceedingly pleasant to deal with. I thought Adam, the installer did an exceptional job.

Steve H. – Hartland, WI