I spent a long period of time today on the phone talking one of our clients off the ledge they were ready to jump off of. She had just purchased a new home that was supported by a private well & had never run the water in the home before they closed on the property. Most people don’t do this-we’re all more concerned with what we physically can see in a new property. You don’t really realize what a huge impact your water has in regards to your everyday life until it isn’t up to your standards. This woman was suicidal when she discovered after her first shower that her water smelled like rotten eggs. “I almost vomited” she said. “I swear I smell like a rotten Easter Egg today and I’m mortified.!” The poor thing-I could truly relate to her. She said that she was bathing in bottled water which was starting to add up.

You don’t have to live with odor in your water! Absolutely not! I wouldn’t tolerate it for a minute & the second I took a whiff of my private well water my husband knew the slight odor wouldn’t be tolerated for 2 seconds. Just for the record this odor isn’t harmful to you at all. It is hydrogen sulfide gas. It is present in a lot of private wells in the area. I remember vividly the hall ways of my high school when science classes were doing some sort of experiment about various gases. Yikes, nasty. Imagine now if your water smelled like that? If you have this type of odor you need to check a couple of things out that are very simple. First, is this odor present in the hot water, cold water, or both? If it is only in your hot water and the cold water smells fine, than it has something to do with your hot water heater. I don’t know a lot about hot water heaters so my first recommendation is contact the plumber who sold you the heater and find out what they recommend. I do know that sometimes it can be as easy as pouring 1 cup of bleach in your hot water heater, let it sit over night and then open a hot water fixture the next morning and flush out the chlorine odor. Sometimes bacteria can form in hot water heaters and cause this type of odor.

If the odor is in your cold water & also turns up in the hot water, then you know you have hydrogen sulfide gas. The only piece of equipment Guthrie & Frey Water Conditioning will recommend to resolve this permanently is by installing an Iron Curtain System manufactured by Hellenbrand. This system is truly awesome. It will completely wipe out the odor while also removing any iron that can cause orange staining and become very damaging. We have even seen orange dogs! The beauty of the Iron Curtain is that it is a chemical free system. You are not adding anything to the water. The system utilizes oxygen causing the iron to grow to a level that the media in the second tank can filter out. I will rave about this technology all day long for many reasons.

I have an Iron Curtain at my home. As you may have read in my previous posts, the most important thing to me regarding my water is my hair. Silly I know, but I have long blonde hair that I pay a small fortune for with highlighting & hair care products. Yes, I have a lot of help from my stylist and my hair care products, but I attribute the overall health of my hair to my water quality. Other reasons that I love this type of technology would be my whites are white (my husband fortunately does the laundry in my home because I don’t do it right-am I brilliant or what?), my water using appliances are protected and preserved, and so are all of my plumbing fixtures. I’ll post more about the Iron Curtain soon!

Yours in Water,
H2O Gal

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