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In Mukwonago, you are surrounded by beautiful bodies of water – from Phantom Lake to the Fox River, but what is the water like that flows into your home? The drinking water in your home is sourced from 5 wells and pumping stations in addition to 1 underground storage facility and 2 water towers. The village has passed all state and federal drinking water standards, but there is still a hard water problem in the area that can cause concern in your home. A water softener for Mukwonago reverses these issues.

Hard Water in Mukwonago

Several homes in Mukwonago struggle with hard water. The obvious sign of hard water is a white/chalky buildup on faucets, fixtures, and appliances. Although this isn’t hazardous to your health, it can cause appliances and plumbing to fail prematurely. At Guthrie and Frey, we provide water softeners ideal for Mukwonago homes. Several benefits of water softeners include softer skin and hair, shinier glassware and faucets, and longer-lasting appliances.

The Effects of Hard Water

  • Makes your clothes dingy
  • Stains your sinks
  • Puts spots on your glasses
  • Clogs your pipes

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What’s in the water in Mukwonago?

ContaminantAbout the ContaminantSigns of the Contaminant
Hard WaterAlthough not harmful to your health in small amounts, it can have severely negative effects on appliances causing them to have a short lifespan.White chalky buildup on fixtures and appliances. Water leaves spots on glasses and dishes.
IronAlthough small amounts do not have a negative effect on your health, Iron is a contaminant that contains bacteria that feed off it. However, large amounts of iron can be hazardous to your health. Iron does not blend well with soap, leaving residue on your bathtub, appliances, and skin (causing clogged pores).Metallic taste which carries into your food and beverages.

Leaves orange/red stains on anything water touches.

Iron residue build up can cause pipes to clog, thus decreasing water pressure in your home.
OdorIf your water has an odor, this means there is a contaminant in the water. Odor in well water is associated to hydrogen sulfide gas- it isn’t harmful to you, but smells like rotten eggs.Rotten egg smell.

A Few Reasons why Mukwonago Loves Guthrie & Frey

Extensive Warranties

Rental rates will never be raised

Free Installation

Competitive pricing and rent-to-own options available

From the Senior Technician in Mukwonago:


What are the benefits of having a water softener in Mukwonago?


Mukwonago water softeners help to reverse hard water in your home. This helps to remove the white/chalky buildup, thus giving your appliances and plumbing a longer life-span (and looking good too). Additionally, you will notice softer skin, shinier dishes, less soap usage, softer clothes, and much more!


How long will my water softener last with Mukwonago’s water?


If properly maintained and cared for, water softeners can last 18-20 years (some even more). If your water softener hasn’t been serviced in the last 5 years, give us a call!

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Recommended Water Softeners for Mukwonago


GF Series Water Softener System

Hard water can be much more problematic than you think. It can cause buildup of mineral scale inside your appliances and plumbing.

Ideal For:

  • Preventing scale buildup in home kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Improving the taste and texture of the water in your home.
  • Saving money on plumbing and appliance maintenance.
  • Ensuring cleaner clothes and dishes via cleaner water.

GF Twin Alternating Series: High-Efficient Water Softener

The Guthrie & Frey Twin Alternating Water Softener provides a continuous supply of softened water with no downtime for regeneration.

Ideal For:

  • Robust and efficient solutions
  • Reducing mineral scale and soap usage.
  • Energy efficient consumption of water-using equipment.
  • Reducing buildup in appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

What people are saying about Guthrie & Frey in Mukwonago

Getting the reverse osmosis was the best thing we could have done. The installation took about 2 hours. Everything was explained to us so we could understand. Extremely professional. We would recommend Guthrie and Frey to anyone.

Sheila H. – Mukwonago, WI

“Great customer service. The technicians that installed the softener unit were so patient and informative. I’ll recommend Guthrie and Frey any day!”

Justin H.

“Very, Very happy from start to finish with Guthrie and Frey! Professional, friendly and knowledgeable! Would highly recommend. Installed a new water Softener for us.”

Gayle B.