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Over 5,000 residents call Slinger, WI their home. It is important to the village to provide you with water that is free of harmful contaminants. Slinger has put several ordinances into place such as a wellhead protection plan and an animal waste management ordinance. However, although free of harmful contaminants, several homeowners complain of hard water in Slinger. A water softener from Guthrie & Frey can reverse hard water in your home.

Hard Water in Slinger, WI

Hard water is certainly not a hazard to your health, but it does cause a number of issues within your home. If you’re noticing a white/chalky buildup on fixtures and appliances, dingy laundry, or cloudy glassware, this is a red flag that you’re struggling with hard water. A water softener for Slinger helps fix these issues among several other benefits.

The Effects of an Iron Filter

  • No more iron stains
  • No more musty taste or bad odors.
  • Protection against rust build-up and corrosion
  • Longer product life and improved performance.

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What’s in the water in Slinger, WI?

ContaminantAbout the ContaminantSigns of the Contaminant
Hard WaterAlthough not harmful to your health in small amounts, it can have severely negative effects on appliances causing them to have a short lifespan.White chalky buildup on fixtures and appliances. Water leaves spots on glasses and dishes.
NitratesNitrates come from manure spreading, agricultural fertilizers, and legume cropping systems. It is no surprise that nitrates are the most common groundwater contaminant in Wisconsin.Nitrates can be detected using a professional home water test.

A Few Reasons why Slinger Loves Guthrie & Frey

Extensive Warranties

Rental rates will never be raised

Free Installation

Competitive pricing and rent-to-own options available

From the Senior Technician in Slinger:


Why does my water in Slinger, WI smell like rotten eggs?


It is important to know this smell in your water, although unpleasant, is not harmful. The rotten egg smell in your water comes from hydrogen sulfide gas, which is present in several wells in the area. Guthrie and Frey offers a few different treatment options to rid your home of this horrible smell.


How hard is the water in Slinger?


The water hardness level in Slinger is typically between 26-28 grains of hardness. To achieve soft water, your water should contain less than 1 grain of hardness. Guthrie & Frey Water Softeners for Hartford water can help your home achieve soft water.


Where does my drinking water come from in Slinger, WI?


The drinking water in Slinger, WI is sourced from groundwater such as rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs and wells.

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Recommended Water Softeners for Slinger, WI


GF Series Water Softener System

Hard water can be much more problematic than you think. It can cause buildup of mineral scale inside your appliances and plumbing.

Ideal For:

  • Preventing scale buildup in home kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Improving the taste and texture of the water in your home.
  • Saving money on plumbing and appliance maintenance.
  • Ensuring cleaner clothes and dishes via cleaner water.

GF Twin Alternating Series: High-Efficient Water Softener

The Guthrie & Frey Twin Alternating Water Softener provides a continuous supply of softened water with no downtime for regeneration.

Ideal For:

  • Robust and efficient solutions
  • Reducing mineral scale and soap usage.
  • Energy efficient consumption of water-using equipment.
  • Reducing buildup in appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

What people are saying about Guthrie & Frey in Slinger, WI

Guthrie and Frey was great to work with. They were quick and responsive to our well water concern…quickly diagnosing the issue and sharing a plan for how it could be remedied. They were able to get us on their schedule to complete the work quickly to accommodate our work schedules and were very informative with the process. Both employees that came to our home were knowledgeable, kind, and helpful throughout the process. I would highly recommend their company!

Heather B. – Slinger, WI

“Great communication from their sales department. Clean and efficient installation. They couldn’t have made it easier for me.”

Molly M.

“We have been using Guthrie & Frey for over 16 years. They are fantastic. Very responsive, friendly and great workmanship.”

Greg V.