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Grafton receives its water from groundwater drawn from 6 wells across the village. These wells are capable of providing 5.2 million gallons of water each day – although Grafton only uses about 1.05 million/day on average. The water in Grafton meets all state and federal requirements and contains about 21 grains of hardness. Grafton water utility strongly encourages the use of a water softener in your home to eliminate contaminants and minerals found in your water.

Water Contaminants in Grafton

As water flows through rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, and other bodies of water, it picks up naturally occurring minerals, a bit of radioactive material, and substances from human and animal activity. Various types of minerals cause water to be hard and causes issues within your home’s plumbing and fixtures. Water softeners for Grafton help to remove these concerns.

The Effects of Hard Water

  • Makes your clothes dingy
  • Stains your sinks
  • Puts spots on your glasses
  • Clogs your pipes

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What’s in the water in Grafton?

ContaminantAbout the ContaminantSigns of the Contaminant
Hard WaterAlthough not harmful to your health in small amounts, it can have severely negative effects on appliances causing them to have a short lifespan.White chalky buildup on fixtures and appliances. Water leaves spots on glasses and dishes.
LeadLead in water happens from eroded pipes and fixtures. Lead is more common in older homes.A home water test is required.
NitratesNitrates are formed naturally in surface and groundwater. Nitrogen is essential for all living things, but when consuming higher levels through drinking water, it can be hazardous especially to infants, and pregnant women. Nitrates spread by entering private wells can come from a few different sources, such as manure spreading, agricultural fertilizers, legume cropping systems, and septic systems.Like others, the only way to tell if you have nitrates in your water is to have it professionally tested.

A Few Reasons why Grafton Loves Guthrie & Frey

Extensive Warranties

Rental rates will never be raised

Free Installation

Competitive pricing and rent-to-own options available

From the Senior Technician in Grafton:


Does Grafton, WI have hard water?


Yes, typically Grafton homes see about 21 grains of hardness in their water. A water softener helps to bring soft water into your Grafton home.


How long does a water softener last?


Typically, water softeners last 15-20 years. If properly cared for and with routine maintenance performed, you could potentially have your water softener for even longer!


Do I need a water softener if I live in Grafton?


Grafton water is considered “very hard water.” The benefit of a water softener in Grafton is to reduce the hard water that enters your home, thus reducing chalky build-up on plumbing fixtures. Having soft water will allow your appliances and fixtures to last to their full potential and reduce buildup.

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Recommended Water Softeners for Grafton


GF Series Water Softener System

Hard water can be much more problematic than you think. It can cause buildup of mineral scale inside your appliances and plumbing.

Ideal For:

  • Preventing scale buildup in home kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Improving the taste and texture of the water in your home.
  • Saving money on plumbing and appliance maintenance.
  • Ensuring cleaner clothes and dishes via cleaner water.

GF Twin Alternating Series: High-Efficient Water Softener

The Guthrie & Frey Twin Alternating Water Softener provides a continuous supply of softened water with no downtime for regeneration.

Ideal For:

  • Robust and efficient solutions
  • Reducing mineral scale and soap usage.
  • Energy efficient consumption of water-using equipment.
  • Reducing buildup in appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

What people are saying about Guthrie & Frey in Grafton

Amazing experience. I worked with Craig, and after calling for a quote he dropped by to take measurements and see the layout of our basement. From the minute he entered the basement he knew the best way to set up our water softener system, and was able to provide a very accurate and well explained quote. His quote was also the most competitively priced, compared to other quotes from companies who did not bother to send anyone to measure our basement. Install happened one week after signing and was quick and easy. Everything done on-time and as agreed. Going with Guthrie & Frey was the best decision I could have made.

Robert W. – Grafton, WI

“We have been using Guthrie & Frey for over 16 years. They are fantastic. Very responsive, friendly and great workmanship.”

Greg V.

“Many thanks to Guthrie and Frey for replacing our water system today. They removed a nearly 20 year old Culligan set of equipment and replaced it in 3 hours with a brand new Iron Curtain and a 40,000 grain softener, and both systems are state-of-the-art and Wisconsin-made. Light years better! Zero pressure to “make a sale” and nothing but professionals from the consultant to the installers. Can’t say enough how awesome it was working with them.”

Bill L.