The Iron Curtain System is an amazing system!  Why do I love the Iron Curtain System so much?   I would have orange hair if I didn’t have an Iron Curtain!  I would also have water that smelled like rotten eggs because I have hydrogen sulfide gas odor in my water; but the hair color still dominates my #1 need for an Iron Curtain. Today I’m going to discuss 3 of the most common symptoms Iron Curtain’s have when they need service.   Some of these symptoms can be avoided if you choose to maintain your system routinely.  Some of these symptoms will just plain old happen regardless of maintenance.

  • #1 Symptom:  Orange staining or odor in your water .  Obviously, right?  Sometimes mildew can be mistaken for iron breakthrough especially in warmer, humid climates, but if your water is orange….call us!   If you have odor in your water, confirm that the odor exists on the cold water.  If you have odor in your cold water….call us!  If you only have odor in your hot water, then you have a hot water issue.  You can call us about that too because we have a couple of suggestions to help solve that.
  • #2 Symptom:Reduced Water Pressure throughout your home.  If you notice that your water pressure has decreased, it may be a symptom of your Iron Curtain being restricted.  You can confirm this easily yourself by putting your Iron Curtain on bypass and turning on a faucet to see if your pressure increases.  If it does improve, call us!  This  symptom most likely means that your Iron Curtain is restricted.   If you do not notice a difference in the pressure, then it most likely has something to do with your pressure tank or well pump.
  • #3 Symptom:  Spitting Faucets. This has gotten me right in the face and taken me completely by surprise!  If you turn your water on and the water “spits” out of the faucet, call us!  This is associated with the check valve and will require a service call that may involve cleaning of the check valve or the valve may very well need to be replaced.

We recommend service every 4-6 years.  Sometimes you may need it sooner depending on your water quality.  We even have clients that haven’t needed any service on their Iron Curtains for 12+ years!

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